Regression Testing

Regression Testing

Regression testing is a reliable way to ensure that the applications remain defect-free even after frequent changes or modifications. It also ensures that the recent changes have not broken any existing functionality. The primary function of regression testing is to catch bugs that have been accidentally introduced into a new build and to ensure that the previously eliminated bugs continue to stay fixed.

CariKture India uses a systematic and well defined regression test approach to perform effective regression testing. Our approach includes:

  • Detailed traceability matrix: Outlines of the requirements vs. test cases
  • Dependency analysis: Performed between test cases and requirements
  • Change reports: Issues between the current release and previous release
  • Release specific regression test pack
  • Risk based analysis: Pareto analysis, FMEA, Output from code coverage report etc.
  • Continuous pruning: Regression tests packs are continuously pruned by removing the test cases that are no longer needed & add additional ones.

Manual Regression Testing Service at CariKture India is grounded on the standard of attaining more with less – providing extreme test coverage with least number of test cases leading to a minimal cost of assessment and threat. Our solutions assist you to regulate when to stop testing, and help arrange, and classify the regression test suite to make sure maximum coverage at a minimal cost. With our ductile staffing, regression testing is done swiftly when an accidental error occurs during development and resolved from the initial state to minimize the risk of defect leakage.

Benefits of CariKture India’s Manual Regression Testing

  • Cost-effective
  • Averts the occurrence of new errors
  • Saves time and aids projects to stay on path
  • Deliver accuracy in regression testing to ease maximum coverage through minimal number of test cases
  • Rise the efficiency and competency of quality assurance applications.
  • Lessen time to market