Desktop application Testing

Desktop application Testing

CariKture India is the team of certified, award-winning testing engineers who care about quality. We are customer-obsessed and put your business priorities first. To make our collaboration even more fruitful — we ensure our clients with transparency of the testing process, and strictly follow Service Level Agreements. The CariKture India team puts forth rapid and cost-effective Quality Assurance, using only the best and latest desktop testing tools. We will make sure your software works on the most popular types of devices and operating systems. Our team knows you want your service to be secure, user-friendly, feature-packed and well-functioning. We nail all of that to help your business achieve excellence, introduce a cutting-edge software to the market, and take root.

Desktop applications run on personal computers and work stations, a specific environment acts as a baseline for your test plan. One can test the complete application broadly in categories like Graphical User Interface, Functionality, Load, etc. A desktop application is usually used by a single user at a time and needs to be installed as an exe file hence highlighting the need for installation testing.

Creating a testing checklist is an integral part of the process of writing test cases. With the help of such checklist one can easily create hundreds of test cases for testing desktop applications. Testing checklist for desktop applications may include the following:

  1. Graphical User Interface Testing
  2. Functional Testing
    • Check for broken links
    • Warning messages
    • Resolution change effect on the application
    • Print
    • Theme change
    • Installation Testing (Upgrade/Downgrade)
    • Testing with multiple user accounts
    • Sleep mode
    • Cache
  3. Compatibility Testing
    • Testing the application on different operating systems
  4. Performance Testing
    • Long period of continuous use
    • Memory
    • Generate “Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report” by running the command powercfg /energy
  5. Usability Testing
    • Users want to see a simple, intuitive, modern, appealing software interface.