QA Outsourcing

QA Outsourcing

In today's technology-driven business environment, software applications and products need to satisfy critical checkpoints, such as ease of installation, performance, compatibility, recovery after a failure, resource consumption, portability, security and reliability.

CariKture India, a leading software testing and quality assurance outsourcing services provider, offers customized testing services for all your software applications. Our team of qualified and experienced software testers can check your product on various parameters like applicability, functionality, security and scalability, to ensure that it meets quality standards and your expectations. By putting your software product or application through a rigorous, unbiased testing process, you can be confident of its caliber and performance.

Having expertise in multiple domains, skilled workforce with a solution driven approach, CariKture India provides customer optimal test solutions to meet their quality goals. Our teamworks seamlessly with multiple groups within Client’s organization to examine, analyze, judge and suggest continuous improvement in process, application, product. We help you deliver defect-free application / product to the market ensuring branding and enhanced competitiveness.

We help deliver quality product on time to market within budget to help you accelerate business.

  • Skilled Software Testing professionals
  • Proven comprehensive testing services delivery model
  • Risk assessment and prioritization
  • Test strategy, planning, design and functional / non functional test case development
  • Test automation strategy
  • Unit, functional, integration, regression and acceptance tests
  • Performance testing and performance engineering
  • Test execution and comprehensive reporting
  • Complete project management

CariKture India Intelligent Insights


CariKture India is composed of seasoned professionals with solid technical backgrounds and complex project experience. The company’s sole function is to render high-end software testing and QA services, which we accomplish through our expert team.

Capacity Scalability

CariKture India employs best-of-breed software quality assurance and testing engineers, and maintains mature processes that allow us to overcome any unexpected bottlenecks through the timely engagement of additional tactical resources.

Cross-Product and Domain-Specific Knowledge

Knowledge and expertise management, and knowledge transfer are essential to us. We not only collect and re-use knowledge, but we aggregate relevant cross-product or domain-specific expertise to dedicated Centers of Excellence to nurture in-house subject-matter experts and magnify the value we deliver to clients.

At CariKture India, we have a simple set of procedures and policies that allow us to quickly gain your confidence and then build your confidence in your software product.

CariKture India delivers Daily Reports twice each day. The morning report tells you what we’re going to do and if we need help with something. The evening report tells you what we actually did, why that is important, and what we plan to do the following day. We also frequently customize our reports to deliver more detailed information specific to your project to help you make better decisions.

We assign a QA Manager to every client at no extra cost. We believe that team management and leadership is one of our strongest competitive weapons for attracting and keeping our very talented Test Engineers. We don’t expect you to provide this – we do it. The assigned QA Manager will also work directly with you and the team to make sure you are clear on what you want and we are clear on exactly how that should be delivered to you. Sometimes you just need an objective opinion. CariKture India QA Managers are thoroughly versed in your project and can offer the additional guidance and recommendations to you.

We create and maintain a Value Proposition Plan so that we’re constantly working toward exactly what you want us to. We build a Value Proposition Plan for you every quarter and then check it monthly. The Value Proposition Plan defines the strategy and outcomes you want delivered and allows us to keep our eye on the ball even when things on the ground are changing daily.

Confident, you make better decisions and can more easily honor your promises. CariKture India delivers everything you need to be confident in your software quality.