Health Services

Health Services

With the increasing demand for interoperability, regulatory compliance, security, data privacy and end-user technology compliance, healthcare application testing involves deep technology expertise, significant time and resources, and inflated costs.

You want to get back to your business, and hand off the testing and compliance concerns to a skilled independent partner who can get the job done on time and on budget.

We have extensive experience in providing robust and secure software testing services for healthcare ISVs, hospitals, and provider networks. We offer software testing solutions keeping in consideration regulatory reforms, accountability, affordability, and structural changes in the healthcare industry. We also offer medical device testing services. We have our focus on testing the latest technology trends that are reshaping the healthcare industry such as digitalization, data security, mobility, big data, and cloud computing.

Sample Test Scenarios and Test cases for Regulatory Compliance

Test Scenarios
Test Cases
User's Authentication
Using verification method to ensure that correct users get login and deny to others
Information Disclosure
Authorizing access to information is based on user's role and patient limitation
Data Transfer
At all transfer points ensure that data is encrypted
Audit Trail
All transactions and all attempts to access data with a proper set of audit trail information are recorded
Sanity Testing related to regulatory body
Perform sanity testing and verify the encryption of the data is done in particular areas like EPHI ( Electronic Protected Health Information)

Other Testing Types for Healthcare Application

  • Functional Testing: Testing healthcare application against functional capabilities
  • Conformance Testing: Conformance test Healthcare security requisites and industry frameworks
  • Platform Testing: Testing of applications on Mobile platform and applications testing for cross-browser compatibility
  • Interoperability Testing: Testing conformance to interoperability standards ( Eg; DICOM, HL7, CCD/CDA)

Testing Challenges in Healthcare Application

Testing challenges in testing healthcare application are no different than other web application testing.

  • Requires expertise in testing, and usually it is high in cost
  • Requires interoperability, compliance, regulatory, security, safety testing besides regular testing techniques (Non-Functional, Functional and Integration testing)
  • Testing should be done keeping in mind the safety and regulatory standards- as any error can cause direct effect on patient's life
  • Testing team needs to be well aware of the various functionalities, clinical usage, and the environment the software will be used for
  • Health-care product should comply with various standards like FDA, ISO and CMMI before it can be used
  • Cross dependency of software- testers need to ensure that any changes in one component or layer should not lead to side effect on the other.