A recent study in The Times newspaper showed that graduates who undertake internships increase their chances of being noticed by an employer. An internship is a temporary work placement – sometimes a few months over a summer break, sometimes part-time work throughout your degree. It might be paid, usually at an hourly rate, or unpaid, in which case you should at least expect some expenses (such as food and travel to work) to be covered. Many employers recruit their new graduates directly from their internship program, so it’s the best way to get your foot in the door.

Importance of Internship

In today’s competitive world every employer is looking for the best candidate with work experience. Getting a degree is not good enough for a student to secure a good job, they need industrial experience and here internship plays a crucial role for them. An internship is the phase of time for students when they are trained for their skill they are good at and it gives them a chance to apply their knowledge practically in industries.

  • As an intern, you get a chance to work side by side with accomplished industry professionals and get a pretty good idea of what an entry-level role might entail. You’ll not only gain real work experience, but also meet and learn from the pros. And you’ll start to build your own network, from your fellow interns to seasoned leaders.
  • One of the best ways to get engineering experience and build your resume outside of university is to land an internship. Internships help you develop professional experience and build fantastic industry connections for your future career
  • Internships will help to put you in the right direction and decide which specialty you want to choose, since the versatile field of engineering has 17 of them, each with their own subdivisions. That means you can work on anything from artificial hearts to submarines—it’s all up to you
  • Internships serve as a critical experience for students to apply their in classroom learning to a real world experience. Students who participate in a structured internship program may be eligible to receive credit through the College of Engineering.
  • By embarking on one of Absolute internships, you will gain exposure to various technical subjects and skills sets, as well as developing your problem solving abilities, communication, innovation and decision-making too. These skills are not only valuable to succeeding in engineering, but in all aspects of business. With an international engineering internship, you will gain valuable experience that will help propel your career forward within one of the world’s most competitive fields.
  • Internships provide students with an opportunity to learn about the engineering profession from observation and participation during the semester.

Benefits of Internship

  • Real Time Industry Experience and Exposure:For a student classroom theoretical knowledge are not enough to work in industries. They need to have hands-on experience working in a real-time environment and projects. Internships open the opportunities for students to apply their theoretical knowledge they have learned in their classroom, practice for employers in industries and also students get in-depth knowledge in their specific field apart from only academic learnings.
  • Explore the Career Opportunity:Internships give an opportunity to the students and freshers to explore the career path they have chosen for themselves Internship works as a trial for students and it helps them to choose their desired field among multiple options available for them. It also helps them to decide their goals, things they are passionate about and to choose a company they are interested to work or collaborate with.
  • Helps to Make Professional Network:Internships give a big opportunity to build a connection with professional people which is really helpful for the students for their career in the future or for learning purpose and knowledge as well. Networking helps students and freshers to make a deeper relationship with professional people and to get a reference, recommendation or testimonial for a specific job role. People can share business ideas with each other and collaborate with each other.
  • Add Values, Skills, and Experience to the CV:An internship is the best way to enhance the skills and to add experience in a CV. During the internships, freshers and students acquire desired skills and gain experience which they can demonstrate in their resume. They can list out all the tasks and projects they have done during that period and they can get interview calls to land up in a job they are really looking for. Doing internship secure a full-time job and sometimes it happens that if an intern is dedicated to his/her work, then he/she can get the full-time job-opportunity by the same employer because some employers love to hire that person who is already aware of the work and company culture, so they give preference to the interns instead of hiring a new candidate.
  • Learn Company Culture and Soft Skill:When an intern works for a company, they just don’t get in-depth knowledge and experience in their specific field but also they learn how to work with others in a team, collaboration with other members, time management, communication, punctuality, leadership, how to meet deadlines, how to work under pressure, how to make decisions and also they develop better work habits and they learn real-world business skills. Internships help students to build confidence and they learn to adapt company culture.
  • Learn from Mistakes:Internship helps students to learn from their mistakes during their training period and they can get suggestions from their mentors to correct those mistakes. Learning from their mistakes eventually refine their skills which can be really helpful for them while transitioning into a full-time job role. It helps them to know about their strength, weakness, knowledge or skill they need to learn to perform well in their job role.

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