Software Testing Consulting/ QA Consulting Service

QA consulting service

CariKture India test consulting services can help your organization improve your testing processes and devise test strategies for your development process. Our software testing consultancy can improve the various types of testing and methodologies you are currently using. We provide Scalable Delivery Capability in Enterprise Technology for Commercial and Public-sector clients.

Consulting by CariKture India covers all aspects of Software Testing lifecycle management. With Strong experience of Manual Testing and Automation Testing talent and solutions, our unique resourcing and knowledge transfer model provides you with a sustainable capability to fast-track the Testing of your mission critical systems.

CariKture India delivers a suite of quality assurance (QA) consulting services with a focus on Agile testing. Our QA consultants help you:

  • Define team logistics including ideal team structure, tester-to-developer ratio, and physical logistics
  • Setup test and staging environments
  • Move from other testing methods to Agile including implementing lean measurement, defect tracking, traceability, and test strategy and planning
  • Mitigate risk and manage technical debt
  • Implement source control, build tools, build automation tools, and unit testing tools
  • Drive development with business facing tests
  • Implement tools for testing the GUI, API, and web services
  • Use best practices for writing tests
  • Understand the relationship between code design and test design
  • Implement scenario, exploratory, user needs, and persona and session testing along with acceptance tests
  • Work with the development team to implement unit tests
  • Select, install, and configure test data generation tools
  • Test for security, interoperability, reliability, maintainability, and install-ability
  • Perform load, stress, and scalability testing
  • Target memory management issues
  • Implement automation for continuous integration, build, and deploys
  • Understand the purpose of release planning, sizing, prioritization of stories, prioritization of defects, and perform test planning
  • Track test tasks and status
  • Implement regression tests

CariKture India QA consulting services help in performing iteration planning including writing task cards, creating testable stories, collaborating with customers, implementing iteration metrics, performing iteration demos, using retrospectives, and reviewing with customers and programmers the test cases and related documentation

QA Is Just Testing

Some people use the terms “testing” and “Quality Assurance” interchangeably. However, the fact is that the testing is one portion of the quality assurance. A good QA should involve in the whole development process starting from the requirement collection process to the maintenance process. It not only involve a various range of test techniques, but also accounts processes, standards, documentation as well as sign-off gates, which are utilized throughout the complete development lifecycle.

Quality Assurance is nothing but a set of actions for guaranteeing quality in the development process of the software, which ultimately results in the product quality. Quality Assurance includes the following actions:

  • Process Definition
  • Process Implementation
  • Auditing
  • Training

QA is to test the product instead of analyzing the quality after finishing point. QA processes and test for quality in every phase of the development from the beginning to the end of the software. With the QA, the development process transfers to the subsequent phase in case the current phase meets the required quality standards. QA employs on one more morals, which support in developing quality guidelines as well as implementation strategies.

Product quality can be measured into two major assemblies:

Functional Quality: This group demonstrates how well a product adapts to the fundamental design, based on the functional requirements.

Structural Quality: This group shows on how well the product fulfills the non-functional needs such as accessibility, usability, and security, which supports in proper delivery.

QA tester encounters a countless deal of pressure in order to attain their products delivered under time and budget. Hence, the testers and developers have to use every chance to effectively handle the product’s quality and risks. In order to ensure the product quality, QA tester requires to capable of measuring the effectiveness of the company.

Full-lifecycle Consulting Services Capabilities

From start to finish, GOWRI SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS will partner with your organization throughout all phases of the project lifecycle. By providing seasoned, expert consultants, you will enjoy the benefits of a project which progresses rapidly, and finishes on time and on budget. . Comprehensive Manual Testing, GUI Automation Testing, Mobile Automation Testing and database services and Technology services: GOWRI SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS experience spans across the entire Software Testing Methodologies.

Project Management:

We minimize risk of project delays and ensure appropriate resources allocation for your initiative. The Project Management Office (PMO) oversees the implementation of best practices, metrics, and management tools. The combination of our methodology and the experience of our consultants provide a critical path for success.


Every implementation is unique, however, effective project management is a common thread in all successful implementations. Quality project management provides the planning, control, and execution that ensures predictability and minimizes risks. We gather critical information about your business processes, and use that information to design and deliver the solution that allows your company to achieve its business objectives.


On Demand Consulting: Fulfills your resource need by providing you with the technical or functional expertise that meets your requirements and project scope. By applying best practices, our seasoned consultants deliver results.


CariKture India specialists follow a comprehensive approach to software quality assurance consulting. The key QA consulting stages are:

Project get-in

CariKture India consulting specialists explore the situation in full: they study the relevant documents, interview stakeholder subgroups and examine the existing QA procedures.

Analysis and planning

The consulting team identifies problems, possible solutions, and solution-related risks. Relying on the solution and risk analysis, the team develops an action plan and presents it to the customer.


Upon the customer’s approval, a QA consulting team implements the proposed solutions (or a part of them), supervises the process, prevents possible issues and addresses actual ones (if any). CariKture India QA consultants ensure knowledge transfer to the customer's QA team.


CariKture India QA consultants supervise your team performance for some time, ready to step in and address possible problems.