Localisation Testing

Localisation Testing

Localization testing is the software testing process for checking the localized version of a product for that particular culture or locale settings. The areas affected by localization testing are UI and content. Localization Testing Verifies whether the Software is properly translated and Adjusted to the Local Languages and Cultures

CariKture India brings you Localization Testing Services to help rapid product rollout across geographies. We have built an exhaustive QA methodology to identify specifically potential issues and problems in the localization process. We have specific local checklists for various countries to ensure exhaustive coverage during localization testing. We leverage our proven experience in successful localization testing engagements, skilled multi-lingual QA talent pool, and localization testing best practices to ensure quick testing for scalability of products.

Key services provided by CariKture India include:

  • CariKture India has been successfully performing localization testing of various applications.
  • CariKture India test engineers are experienced in localization testing of all kinds of web, mobile and desktop software products.
  • In course of localization testing our specialists check translation of the user interface, content, notification and error messages, help and accompanying documents.
  • CariKture India has all the necessary equipment and a rich park of different platforms.
  • Among our clients are world famous software producers.
  • ur test engineers write clear and detailed error reports.
  • We can work with any bug-tracking system and always consider wishes of our customers.