API Testing & Web Services


Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are not just an interface to enable exchange of data between two systems. They play a major role today, as organizations are starting to become accustomed to modern architecture of cloud services and mobile.

Specialized API and web services testing for REST, SOAP and related protocols for faster, more accurate functional tests that do not involve your GUI.We have been performing manual as well as automated API tests for REST, SOAP and related protocols for several applications.

Tests that do not involve the GUI not only run faster, exercise the functionality more thoroughly and are independent of completion of the user interface, they can also achieve test results that may be otherwise possible to accomplish using the GUI.

CariKture India assesses and validates the quality of API by verifying the code and finding defects using our unique techniques.

CariKture India offers the following API/Web services testing:

  • Unit testing – for checking the functionality of individual APIs.
  • Functional testing – for testing end to end functionality of the API layer.
  • Load testing – for validation of functionality and performance for the system under various levels of user/ transaction load.
  • Runtime error detection – Execution of Automated / Manual tests to identify problems, such as exceptions and resource leaks.
  • Security testing – Involves various types of security checks like penetration testing, authentication, encryption, and access control.
  • Web UI testing – end to end testing of the entire system using the APIs.