Test Advisory service

Test Advisory service

In the current digital transformation landscape, assuring the quality of applications is paramount. Organisations have been increasingly focusing across all aspects of quality assurance, from processes, methodologies, and skillsets to tools and frameworks. However, most of the organisations severely fall behind when it comes to maturity of their testing processes and strategies. The need of the hour is the ability to standardise quality assurance practices and map them to SLAs and organisational quality metrics.

CariKture India test advisory services enable you to assess the effectiveness of your quality assurance initiatives, prioritise improvement areas, and chalk a roadmap to move towards a well-defined assurance program. We help you identify critical parameters, set up assessment criteria, and identify gaps against the desired outcome of the assurance program. We help you monitor progress consistently, redefine expectations and accordingly modify the roadmap and implementation plan for your quality assurance engagements.CariKture India has been involved in test advisory and set up initiatives across a wide range of contexts including transition from a waterfall to agile model.

CariKture India advisory services are fabricated on wide-ranging consulting expertise and technical competences. Our trained pool of valuation expert helps our clients categorize, plan and instrument industry norms in process, practice and approach.

Our test advisory keys are concentrated on People, Process and Tools/Infrastructure. We rely on understanding the position of the process through an end-to-end valuation. The assessment technique shall be custom built as per necessities of the particular project. Interpretations & ideas are recognized & conveyed at the end of the assessment to the administration. This assessment shall watch for the assets and dimness related to the surveyed procedure.

CariKture India relies on constant enhancement and therefore cooperates with the organization to offer direction, provision through industry recognized practices.With help of our advisory and consulting services, you can enjoy the following benefits

  • Create effective testing stages, practices, methods and values.
  • Implement appropriate keys and form essential abilities for different types of testing
  • Progress release management through end-to-end management
  • Accept our expertise and best practices in quality assurance to assimilate quality in your organization
  • Out Team focuses on bringing high value added activities with quantifiable revenues on your venture.

Our Advisory Services cover the domains of:

Test Capability: We evaluate an enterprise’s testing maturity to find risks and gaps with respect to Processes, People, Tools, Infrastructure and Competency. The findings help in recognizing key areas needing improvement, which are then suggested to clients.

Agile Process: Digital transformation needs businesses to start using and aligning their operations with Agile processes. From evaluating their readiness for such transformation and finding the areas that need improvement to matching industry best practices, we offer advice at every step for our clients.

Test Automation: From helping clients realize the need of test automation to checking their test automation readiness and maturity by executing automation tool assessment, automation feasibility and readiness analysis, we help test their automation capabilities in use and create a suitable blueprint for improving their overall test automation maturity that brings better returns on investment.

Test Benchmark: help clients assess their test processes and practices using industry benchmark data. CariKture India proprietary benchmarking helps ascertain a client’s current testing maturity level and provides a roadmap to transform to a higher level of maturity.

Test Tools Advisory service: It involves evaluating the testing tools and test infrastructure our clients are using at present together with suggesting the right infrastructure/tool/strategy for test optimization and better test coverage that would bring an improved ROI their way.

Our Transformation Services include:

Agile Transformation: From implementing Agile processes into the organization to running and sustaining it successfully, implementation of test automation framework and strategies, we help at every step of our client’s agile transformation.

Setting up a Test Transformation Office: This will help set-up a Quality Management Office to ensure continuous improvement with better test quality and coverage.

TCoE: From setting up and maintaining test tools and infrastructure, making available reusable test assets to measuring the impact of transformation on test maturity, Test Center of Excellence helps deliver proven results.

Test Engineering Value additions: By helping implement most suitable test tools and reusable test assets that can be customized for accelerated testing and delivery, we help in value-addition to our client’s bottom-line.