For decades, insurers have focused on running an efficient product-centric operations that decrease transaction budgets.

Insurance Companies rely heavily on Software to run their business. Software Systems helps them to deal with various insurance activities like developing standard policy forms, handling billing process, managing customer's data, rendering quality services to the customer, coordinating between branches and so on.

We have worked on insurance domain and provided insurance software testing services for the following:

  • Life, Health, and General Insurance
  • Property and Casualty Insurance
  • Reinsurance Management
  • Legacy Modernization

What to Test in Insurance?

The insurance sector is a network of small units that deals directly or indirectly with processing claims. For smooth functioning of an insurance company, it is necessary that each of this unit is tested rigorously before it is sync together to deliver the desired outcome. The testing includes

Call Center

  • IVR Integration Testing
  • Call routing and assignment
  • Security and access
  • Reflexive Questions

Policy Serving

  • Policy life cycle testing
  • Financial and Non-financial policy changes
  • Policy lapse and Re-instatement
  • Policy aging-run cycles
  • Premium due alerts
  • Valuation of NPV/NAV


  • Claims triage and assignment
  • Testing claims life cycle
  • Claims accounting/reserving
  • Third party EDI/messaging

Direct channel

  • Mobile access
  • Cross browser/cross platform accessibility
  • Application performance
  • Usability of application


  • Behaving to regulatory requirements
  • Generate quality data for reporting
  • Create bulk data for roll-up reports
  • Testing formula based fields in reports


  • Underwriting quality
  • Manual and Straight through processing
  • Complex business rules
  • Rating efficiency
  • Requirements Management (Vendor Interfacing)


  • Data integration
  • Complex interface integration
  • Source/Destination formats
  • Production like interface
  • Web service pull/push efficiency

New Business

  • Validate rates-factor combinations
  • Batch job schedules and runs
  • Commissioning calculations settlements
  • Quick and detailed quote
  • Benefit illustration
  • Benefit summary validation
  • Quick and detailed quote

We offer customized Advisory and Transformation Services in testing for Life Insurance (Life, Annuity, and Pension), Property & Casualty (P&C), Auto, and Re-insurance segments.

Adoption of disruptive digital technologies including SMAC(Social,Mobile,Analytics,Cloud).

Legacy modernization, process and systems improvement

Improving IT efficiencies and lowering costs

Customer retention by ensuring enhanced customer experience

Performance, security and privacy of applications and data

Big data analytics and business intelligence

Complying with ever-widening regulatory landscape

Enterprise risk management & fraud detection