Compatibility Testing

Compatibility Testing

CariKture India provides comprehensive Compatibility Testing services that can be performed across a variety of Operating Systems, browsers, databases, servers, hardware, different versions, configurations, display resolutions, etc. CariKture India has an extensive compatibility lab covering the latest operating systems, platforms, peripherals and hardware to ensure that your product performs over a wide range of technical specifications. Any peripheral hardware device or server configuration that we do not possess, can be quickly acquired through our associated hardware and software vendor partners.

Compatibility ensures your software performs across variations in OS, Hardware, Browser, Configurations, Databases, and Displays. Our goal is to help you provide as uniform a user experience as possible, regardless of browser, internet speed, or device used.

CariKture India Compatibility Testing Services Ensures to

  • Establish confidence in the behavior of your Internet applications across all relevant Internet browsers and desktop combinations
  • Prevent negative impacts on your brand and revenue streams
  • Reduce customer support overheads
  • Offer High RoI through the use of open source tools, a reusable framework, automation and off-shore delivery
  • Testing on real devices

Cross-browser Testing

A vast array of internet browsing software currently exists, all with multiple versions. Any Web application should consider this an essential part of their QA strategy. Variations in browsers can cause significant changes such as alteration or even loss of functionality. A potential loss of customer event negated by cross-browser compatibility testing.

Multi-Platform Testing

This rapidly expanding priority aims to cover the complex concern of ‘compatibility with the end user device’. The post-PC era has seen an explosion of very capable devices become everyday tools. Developers need to ensure as large a user-base adoption as possible. Multi-Platform Testing is actually several testing scenarios compared across platforms such as PC, Tablet, and Mobile. For example: Does my security protocols on my laptop still maintain integrity when I switch to my mobile on the same account.

Client Server Testing

Normally targeted at 2-tier applications, testing involves User Interface, Functionality, Compatibility, Manual Support, and Intersystem Testing between a frontend and backend hardware/software setup. Due to the process involving two or more machines running simultaneously, the application launched as the front-end needs to be verified to be correctly manipulating and monitoring the data from the back-end database. The languages and relationships are constructed in significantly different ways to a Browser-Based application and needs to be tested as such.

Hardware Testing

Most significantly observed in the Mobile Device sector, differences in Hardware bring its testing needs. Identifying possible bottlenecks in performance due to variations in processors, ram, graphics accelerators, and screen real estate can have a huge impact on customer adoption, retention and therefore, the profitability of your product. At Testing Hero we have invested heavily into our onsite hardware laboratory, allowing for multi-performance testing across all significant modern and retro-fitted hardware. Helping to generate accurate performance predictions across the most significant hardware within your testing protocols.