Game Testing

Game Testing

CariKture India Game Testing Services encompass the entire gamut of gaming eco-system across platforms including desktop, console, mobile devices, tablets, phablets, and cloud gaming. With thousands of games being released every year with tighter release schedules in the emerging platforms, flawless gaming experience has become the ultimate criterion with implicit expectations from gaming enthusiasts.

As consumer quality demands increase, and device capabilities rocket, the need for knowledgeable targeted Game Development and testing has never been higher. Game Testing is not simply an alternative use of existing Software Testing processes, modern games are some of the most complex software expressions in existence. It requires a direct understanding of the Gaming industry, title publishing, Mass Server Loading, level architecture and advanced User Experience. It can often entail testing rarely used in other software scenarios such as : AI Testing, Multiplayer Network Testing, Audio Testing, Physics and Realism Testing and API integration. At Testing Hero we can even provide advanced localization for maximum user adoption and extensive Alpha and Beta testing groups with real world feedback.

These days games can be as complex as AI software and it makes testing them quite challenging. Yet, the game will bring satisfaction to a player only in case it is thoroughly checked, edited, checked again, and polished to perfection. Our team of quality-driven professionals will do PC, native PlayStation/Xbox, or mobile game testing with the focus on your business priorities, considering all the peculiarities of QA, and applying the latest game testing techniques to ensure it goes smoothly. Your end product will be well-functioning, intuitive, and enjoyable for your target audience.