GUI / Web Automation Testing

GUI or Web Automation Testing

The modern needs of Software test automation have become complex. A Software architecture that extends to multiple platforms, communication layers, devices and domain specific functional and security needs have made manual testing inadequate to test all nodes of Software functionality and performance. A true automation strategy must reach the critical areas of the Software, both seen and unseen, and discover defects or deviations. Not only the functionality that can be tested through user interface, but the backend – the backbone of Software architecture, must be tested through automation that does not rely upon user interface.

Automated software testing provides the benefits of speed, cost-effectiveness, and precision when testing large projects and software built over multiple iterations. When tests are done automatically — there's no need to involve lots of resources into the process, and the quality of the end product is still great. Automation helps a lot when it comes to the test coverage. The pre-written script basically does all the job by itself, eliminating the need for additional human intervention, hence keeping the focus on scalability, overpowering human laziness, inattentiveness, and low speed. Time-consuming and repetitive test cases just crave for automation as it allows to reuse the existing tests for different app versions without spending time on creating new ones for each one.

Automation helps to optimize the development workflow, significantly reducing your Time-to-Market. Automated testing is consistent and covers much more software functions than manual testing

CariKture India uses project appropriate tools and techniques. Wherever standard tools are inadequate, we use custom scripting to enhance the automation coverage. Our automation test results are captured in such a way that they become source of information for developers to quickly diagnose the underlying problems.

Our automation strategy goes beyond automating test cases. It covers entire gamut of self-sustaining execution and reporting activity supported by Continuous Integration.

CariKture’s core service offerings for organizations planning to implement Test Automation includes:

  • Test Automation Assessment & ROI Analysis
  • Framework Development, Customization, Integration, Review, & Analysis
  • Automated Test Suite Development & Maintenance
  • Automated Tools Migration Services (Migrate2Different Automation Tool platform)