Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application Testing

Most of the software development firms leverage mobile platforms to unveil their technology competency and promptness to capture the market share. Mobile platform is a new frontier for the business sustainability, growth and brand distinctiveness. But innovation of technologies brings many testing needs and challenges that suggest ways to Mobile Apps Testing.

CariKture India provides end-to-end testing services for mobiles, including functional, security, performance, compatibility, usability and test automation across different devices, models, networks, operating systems, browsers, and locations.

Few Key challenges in Mobile Apps Testing

Compatibility Issues: Compatibility Issue is a critical QA task that ensures the product/software application executes as desired across a broad set of user/client systems and configurations. Proliferation of browsers, operating systems and devices to ensure that all their software is rendered as intended across these platforms and to prevent expensive bugs/errors entering production/field/market.

Devices: Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, iPad, Samsung Tab to name a few


Various Combinations of browsers and Operating Systems.

Browsers: all versions of Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera

Operating Systems: Windows, iOS, Android, Symbian

CariKture India does specific functionality checks to ensure the applications works flawlessly across mobile devices:

  • Mobile Test Advisory Services
  • Mobile Test Tool Feasibility
  • Mobile Test Automation Framework Development
  • Functional Testing (Manual & Automated)
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing